Intermediate & Progressive

  • Seasonal Flow Yoga

    Seasonal Flow Yoga is a style of practice that draws on the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the body's meridian system (energy pathways). It connects us with the qualities of nature, whereby the flow of the class will target the energy channels relevant to the Season we are in (e.g. Heart meridian and fire element in Summer). Whilst there will be a focus on certain meridians, the general sequence of the class will change from week to week.
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Vinyasa flow yoga links movement and breath in a synchronised way, building strength and focus. The sequence of each class can change from week to week. This class is beneficial if you have some yoga experience and want to be more challenged.
  • Ashtanga Yoga (Intermediate level)

    This class follows the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, which is a set sequence connecting each pose with the breath. It is open to those with some experience of the series. As a set sequence, you gradually learn which pose is coming next, allowing you to go more inwards. It can be a challenging practice, but modifications and props are offered and you are encouraged to rest when required and be patient with your body. A new pose or concept is broken down in each class, giving you the chance to learn about and understand Ashtanga at a deeper level.
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