Thermotherapy / Heat Treatments 

Lava shells are eco friendly, self heating massage tools. A sachet containing minerals is placed inside the shell and a salt activator is added causing a natural reaction which produces heat. Application of a hot lava shell will dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. Increased blood supply brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area and assists in the removal of waste products. The application of heat to the body's muscles enables muscle relaxation and will aid pain relief.

Lava Relax Back Massage 30 minutes (£30)

The warmth of the lava shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke back massage treatment. The shells glide over the back to warm and relax the muscles. The focus then moves on to specific massage techniques working on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness, delivering an intense and powerful treatment.

Lava Shells Relax Body Massage 60 minutes (£60)

The indulgent and truly pampering lava shells relax body massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques, creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress. This is followed by a wonderful tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress. 

Lava Relax Shot Treatment (£5)

A quick shot of instant hot relief to stressed areas. Specifically targeting key tension areas of the body this treatment can be tailored to deliver fast results. The lava relax shot treatment can be included, on request, in the 'classic massage' range of treatments (the lava shell will be used for approx. 15mins and is included in, not in addition to, the treatment time)