Classic and Sports & Remedial massage

Massage is a fantastic way of de-stressing and reducing muscular tension and we have a have a selection of massage styles to suit your specific needs. Our classic massage draws on the popular Swedish massage techniques, which involve the application of appropriate pressure on the soft tissues of the body using a specific and ordered set of movements and techniques (such as the hacking technique). Movements are smooth, rhythmical and continuous. This style of massage brings about changes in the tension and tone of the muscle tissue in the body. It can help increase range of movement, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce pain and stress, and generate a renewed sense of vigor and energy. Sports and Remedial Massage works in a similar way in a sporting context and is used to restore muscle balance and reduce the risk of re-injury, helping to enhance athletic performance during training and competitive events.

1 hour (£40). Your treatment will last the full hour and does not include the pre-treatment consultation time and ‘time after treatment’.

Indian Head Massage

In the traditional ayurvedic system of medicine and healing (ancient Indian philosophy that guides us on ‘the art of living wisely’), the Indian head massage is routinely practiced. It is a blissful treatment that helps release tension that has accumulated in the head, face, neck and shoulders. It is a very grounding treatment and perfect for calming the mind and relieving the build up of mental tension.

30 minutes (£25). Your massage will last the full 30 minutes and does not include the the pre-treatment consultation time and ‘time after treatment’.

Seated Acupressure Massage

This 30 minute treatment is perfect if you are looking for a short massage before/after work or in your lunch hour. You are not required to remove any clothing, it does not use oils, and the techniques effectively ease tension and leave you feeling refreshed.

Seated massage has origins in ancient East Asian massage techniques called Anmo in China and Anma in Japan. Acupressure massage is a mixture of both Anma and Shiatsu massage, and combines stretching and other massage techniques. Acupressure massage stimulates the major meridians (energy pathways) of the body by pressing on discrete points on the upper part of the body. The therapist uses their hands, thumbs, elbow or fingers to press these points as a means to restore the balance of energy flow through the body. Not only is this treatment effective in increasing local circulation but can also help induce relaxation of the muscle tissue itself and reduce tension.

A ‘kata’ sequence is performed by the therapist through your clothing, while you are seated on a specially ergonomically designed chair. The first part of the treatment aims to release stored up tension and promote relaxation. The latter part is more stimulating leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to return to your day.

30 minutes (£25). Your treatment time does not include the pre-treatment consultation time and ‘time after treatment’.